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Offer on the site - how to create and display it?

What should your website offer look like to be effective and impact potential customers? Learn about our ways to achieve this goal.


The offer on the site is what is, probably, on all company sites on the Internet. This is not surprising, since that is exactly what companies are aiming for - to show what they have to offer their potential clients.

The problem, however, is that many offer pages don't really encourage collaboration. The most common disadvantages are:

  • lack of clarity on pricing
  • failure to explain exactly what is meant by exercising an option
  • failure to state what highlights the offer against the background of competitors
  • unsightly presentation of the offer
  • a series of "clichés" that make a very negative and repulsive impression

Therefore, the basis for making the offer on the site is attractive, is to get rid of the above-mentioned shortcomings. To this I can confidently add a few more questions, which, in turn, can be found in the list below.

The offer on the site - what should it look like?

1. Find problems and provide a recipe for solving them

This tip runs through our blog every few posts, but we don't just do it.

Take a look:

  • I don't know which running shoe to choose for my foot type. So I'm looking for articles on how to choose the right shoes.
  • I want to know something about a historical ruler. So I go to the encyclopedia website and look for information that interests me.
  • I need someone to make a business card for me. Therefore, I study the proposals of companies on the Internet and look at projects that have already been completed in order to make a decision.

Note that each reaction is preceded by an action, i.e. a problem arises.

The presentation of the proposal should be precisely the answer to the need - a targeted proposal that should offer specific benefits to potential customers.

2. Don't dwell on it, be specific

Since the word "concrete" was mentioned so many times in the previous paragraph, let's continue it.

Sentence is not where users want to read blocks tiny text written in small letters.

This is a sub page that should contain only the most important information. Of course, sometimes it should be very detailed, but still you should limit yourself to the most necessary.

So do not tell tales here. Just write what you offer, for how much and on what terms.

3. Show how you differ from your competitors

There is a lot of competition in almost every industry.

Therefore, you need to find something that can be a decisive factor for potential customers. Some curiosity, something small or something very important, that might make them prefer this offer over another.

In the case of the shoe industry, this could be, for example, express delivery (even on the same day in the case of large cities), very attractive discounts on subsequent purchases, or extremely unique products.

For any creative industry, noteworthy features would be, for example, an almost instant response to an email, the ability to speak directly with a graphic designer or programmer, and not with the person in charge of marketing and advertising, etc.

There just have to be certain features that make your offer different from others.

4. Say "no" to complex and industry vocabulary

Difficult language, difficult industry phrases, quasi-funny jargon - all this is not welcome on offer pages.

Here it should be specific, preferably in a language used by the company's ideal target group.

Of course, sometimes this cannot be avoided. However, some industry-specific phrases should appear here and there. However, the point is that they should be presented in an accessible form.

5. Explain what you mean

Continuing the theme started in the previous paragraph, it is worth noting that people who are looking for the perfect offer for themselves have a lot of questions.

In their minds arise many doubts. In many cases, they also don't know what the specific differences are between the two twin proposals.

There are two ways to find a solution to such a problem.

The first is to offer something that allows users ask questions indirectly or directly: FAQ, live chat, or perhaps something else.

On the other hand, the second option is to explain all the main doubts right on the offer page in enough detail so that the potential client is already on it step could decide to use this option.

6. Be sure to provide social proof

Even the best offer on the site cannot be without third party verification.

By this cryptic name, I mean, for example, previous clients of the company in question who could testify its trustworthiness.

Ask people you have enjoyed working with to comment on your collaboration.

Ask them to write a few sentences about it - sentences you could then use on pages with sentences.

Yes, that's the point - the sentence is the perfect place for such social proof. In many cases, the decision to choose a particular company has already been made at this stage, and such actions can convince users to choose it.

7. Don't hide anything, be clear about your prices

If someone is playing games at the proposal stage, why shouldn't they continue to play games - during the work, the delivery of the project, and everything that happens after?


Exactly.Any doubts in the early stages, unfortunately, do not bode well for cooperation.

Therefore, be aware that honesty and the clarification of any doubts (especially regarding such sensitive issues as the completion date and price) are very valuable. Especially nowadays, when competition can be very tough and many companies win simply due to their solidity and reliability.

8. Create a logical structure for your proposal

The proposal on the site simply must be clear and understandable.

This applies not only to the text, but also to its presentation in graphic form.

The basis, of course, is the crystallization of the conditions of the offer, possible plans and packages, as well as prices and forms of cooperation. However, the next step is to arrange everything in a logical and visually beautiful way.

Don't neglect it.

9. Finish it off with a great CTA

Needless to say, we Internet users need to be led by the hand.

If there weren't certain custom graphics routines (let's call them that), we'd be wandering, like the proverbial kids in the fog.

Here's why:

In online stores, the "Buy Now" button is the button that stands out from the rest
many subpages are topped with a section with important a slogan that contrasts with the rest of the elements
you will often see several forms on the same web page that encourage you to download an e-book
They are all designed to suggest specific actions.

Therefore, the ideal the offer page should have a CTA (call to action) to convince the potential client to accept the offer.

Why is the perfect offer on the site so important?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this text, the offer on the site is an integral part of almost all company sites.

Without it, the potential Real customers won't know exactly what they can get from a particular company.

Therefore, take every possible measure to make your company look good in the eyes of others.

I hope that this text will be useful to you in this regard.

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