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Client referral

Mutually beneficial partnership in referring clients

If you need to refer your client to someone reliable in web development and SEO, then “Someone Reliable” is us!

What is the two-way direction of clients?

The bottom line is that we pay our partners from 10% to 20% of the amount of the order we received from a client sent by a partner.

  • If the client has confirmed verbally or in writing that you have sent him to us.
  • In this format of cooperation, you simply transfer the client to us, and we take care of the rest by paying you a commission for the project.

    This way you can make money on our projects :)

    We, in turn, recommend and promote your company as a contractor for our clients (if your work and cases are good).

    How can we promote each other?

    Here are some actions that have been shown to be successful in mutual promotion:

    Promotional Actions on the part of DIGIANTS (and on the part of the partner, if there is such an opportunity and desire):

    • Preparing and sending a mailing list with an offer for partner services for current customers and partners of the company without direct mention of the partner /on the current total a contact database with a direct mention of the partner and an utm-tag leading to the partner's website.
    • Adding partner services to your own website
    • Announcing services in social networks
    • Announcing services in personal communication with current clients and partners.
    • Monthly reporting by each partner:
    • The number of sent mailings on the general base f with data: a) the number of views of the letter
      b) clicks to the partner's website
      c) the number of responses in the form of response messages and customer requests.
    • Cross-posting of partner's cases to their own social networks
    • If goals are set on the site - we will be grateful for a response report on achieving goals from Google Analytics

    Want to know more?

    For our potential partners, we provide a number of introductory and preparatory documents:

    • Agreement templates
    • Invoice templates and information on settlement options
    • Our workflow
    • Affiliate Price List
    • SEO & Website Builder Brief Templates
    • Terms of Reference Templates
    • Templates of miscalculations and commercial offers

    Leave a request, we will contact you and we will tell you in detail about everything that interests you :)

    Have ideas but don't know where to start?

    Answer a few questions online and we will show you!

    A brief is a brief information about your project. By filling out an online brief on our website - you will save time and get rid of unnecessary conversations!

    Find out how to get to the TOP in 2021! ?
    Answer a few questions ONLINE and find out what it takes to get your site to the TOP!
    fill out the brief
    Find out the cost of the project online! ?
    Answer a few questions and find out how much it costs to develop your site!
    fill out the brief
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