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Case of an online store of household appliances

Creation of an online store of household appliances Karcher

Online store of the official distributor Karcher in Ukraine. What is the main thing in an online store? Convenient navigation, product filter, search, comparison mode and, of course, the shopping cart. This site has a high conversion rate and is easy to use. Read more about the case below :)

Appliances, B2b segment
WEB development
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Our client is one of the distributors of Karcher equipment in Ukraine. As for a new player on the market, the client's special wish was to keep the functionality from the official website of the company, to make the design practical, and the admin panel to be convenient and flexible, suggesting further improvements. Also, the client expected the site as soon as possible due to the upcoming January holidays.


For a complete understanding of the project, we have prepared a technical assignment and made a prototype of the site even before the conclusion of the contract. Also, in addition, we showed the "skeleton" of the admin panel of an online store from a similar project.
It took a total of two weeks to work out the conditions and establish agreements.

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The functionality of the online store is really extensive.
We have made a customized basket with payment and delivery options for business processes client, we also made a built-in order manager and automatic confirmation.

In the admin panel, in addition to the standard options for filling in goods, assigning categories and related products, adding media files, there is the possibility of setting discounts on categories / goods on the site, and also the ability to set discounts for related products in a specific card.

We added the “drag and drop” function to the admin panel so that simply by “dragging” the products, the site administrator could change the display of products in the catalog. Also, immediately, through the site admin panel, it is possible to send letters to registered users. They also have access to unique discount offers that are displayed only for them (when they are displayed from the admin panel).

Even at the design stage, we decided to combine the shopping cart with the payment page, so that the user did not have to go from from one page to another, and the progress was not reset at the end of the session. Also, the user has the opportunity to choose to confirm the order with a call back.

To top it off, we made it possible to compare products on the site, thanks to which the user can see similar products and finally make sure of his choice (or change his opinion in favor of the other option).

Household appliances online store - photo №3 Household appliances online store - photo №4
Creation of an online store of household appliances Karcher - photo №5


Since our goal was to match the Karcher brand book as much as possible, we offered a modern design with minimalistic animations, large and vivid pictures of products and expanded catalog for the ability to quickly get to the desired product (there are more than 300 of them on the site).

In design and architecture, we, first of all, tried to focus on functionality and retained the ability to get to any page in three clicks. In the presence of a large amount of content, we also tried to avoid "overloading" the site.
Particularly important was the work on the elements and interaction with them on the site. It was extremely important to draw the user's attention to aspects, such as the possibility of a one-click purchase, that were previously agreed by the client.

Creation of an online store of household appliances Karcher - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Creation of an online store of household appliances Karcher - photo №7


In two months of clean work, we have developed a fully customized online home appliance store with advanced functionality that meets all the points of the technical task and is ready for use. We also prepared unique descriptions for all products (more than 300 items).
This is a truly voluminous project, completed with high quality and in a short time, which our company is proud of.

  • SERVICES: design + development
  • ADMIN PANEL: individual
  • DESIGN: 16 unique pages
  • MOBILE VERSION: adaptive
  • CONTENT: text
  • VISITS PER MONTH : > 14,000
  • TERM: 10 weeks
  • BUDGET: $ 4100

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