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Landing page case

Landing page for car leasing

Making an exclusive offer on the landing page for an advertising campaign for leasing a car of the MAZDA brand. We fulfilled the order with pleasure, and we will tell you what happened below.

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WEB development
Landing page for car leasing MAZDA - photo №1

The task of the client

Our partners in the AVIS company contacted us in connection with the need to make an advertising campaign together with the MAZDA auto brand. We had three weeks for everything.

The main goal was to create the most detailed landing page describing all the advantages of leasing various MAZDA car models, while fully complying with the brand book and deliciously visualizing boring data with numbers and tables.

Landing page for car leasing MAZDA - photo №2

Features of creating a landing page for MAZDA leasing

We created a standard landing page using Bootstrap technology to simplify and speed up the development process.

Given the huge amount of data and numbers, we needed build the structure in such a way that the potential client does not get confused in numerous blocks. Therefore, we have added convenient navigation and animations to the car leasing landing page to improve the interaction experience.

Landing page for car leasing MAZDA - photo №3 Landing page for car leasing MAZDA - photo №4
Landing page for car leasing - photo №5

Car leasing landing page design

In the design, we proceeded from two principles:

  1. Adhere to the company's brand book
  2. Pay special attention to typography and text packaging, to avoid content clutter.

Based on the company's brand book, we packaged content according to the AIDA principle, gradually showing what the client will receive and how he can do it, taking into account all the nuances the leasing process, which we were already familiar with after the development of the AVIS leasing site.

Clear, clear titles, icons and images that help to visualize the text and emphasize what is needed - they did their job perfectly and made the landing page more interesting and brighter.

Landing page for car leasing - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Landing page for car leasing - photo №7

The results of creating a gliding for AVIS and MAZDA

"Thanks to the right choice of technologies and efficient communication, we invested in time and prepared a landing page in the format the client needs.

  • SERVICES: design + development
  • MOBILE VERSION: responsive
  • CONTENT: graphic elements and texts
  • BUDGET: $ 900
  • TERM: 3 weeks "

Service prices

Landing page
from $ 500
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