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Web application

Order the creation of an online cinema

In order to order the creation of an online cinema, it is enough to leave a request on our website in a pop-up form or in the contacts section.
If you liked our case, you can order the application or the site of the online cinema on our website by filling out the brief and indicating "creating an online cinema" there, or scroll the page up and click on the button "Order online cinema" under the heading of our case on developing an application for the Rusmultik online cinema.

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Web application

Development of an online movie theater Rusmultik

For our client in Switzerland, we have developed the Rusmultik online cartoon movie theater. We have developed an online cinema not in the format of a familiar website, but in the form of a web application for instant page loading, simple scaling and advanced filtering.

Online cinema
WEB development
Client site
Creation of an online cinema - photo №1

What needed to be done?

We were asked to create an online movie theater for cartoons, with links to YouTube, where cartoons will be posted.

Since there were more than 4000 cartoons, and episodes and pages - and even more, it was necessary to make a convenient import of data from google tables in order to save time and effort of the customer.

We offered several options, held three online working meetings, and then decided on the development of an online movie theater as a web application.

Creation of an online cinema - photo №2

Features of online cinema development

Since we settled on a web application, it was decided to use the Vue.js and Laravel frameworks on which the site was built.

However, everything went well not quite according to plan. Already at the final stage of development, it turned out that for legal reasons - there is no way to show content through YouTube and you will have to allocate a server for all 6 terabytes of cartoons and TV series.

Nevertheless, in the end, redoing the principle of displaying videos on the site we were able to launch the site and today happy parents can quickly and conveniently find any cartoon or animated series in the online cinema.

Creation of an online cinema - photo №3 Creation of an online cinema - photo №4
Development of an online movie theater Rusmultik - photo №5

Online cinema design

The web application was designed by Mykola Kovalenko, DNK studio from Bratislava. We were very pleased to work with a specialist of his level. On his shelf there are such awards as Red Dot Award, European Design Awards and others

Development of an online movie theater Rusmultik - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Development of an online movie theater Rusmultik - photo №7

Results of the project on developing a web application for the Rusmultik online cinema

We completed the project with a delay of 7 calendar days, taking into account the edits from the client that were not included in the original terms of reference. Without taking into account additional edits - the project was delivered 3 calendar days ahead of the stated deadline.

However, this was not a problem, we write this in order to make the reader understand that we are friends with deadlines and try to adhere to deadlines :)

  • SERVICES: development
  • ADMIN PANEL: individual
  • MOBILE VERSION: responsive
  • CONTENT: videos, graphics and texts
  • TIME: 12 weeks
  • BUDGET: $ 4800

The client was satisfied with the site and we entered into an additional agreement on SEO, so very soon you will see Rusmultik in the top of Google :)

Service prices

Internet catalog
from 2 500 $
Web applications
from 3 000 $
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