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Order SEO promotion of printing house

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Case SEO promotion of Wolf typography

Promotion of printing house. How to turn a small printing industry into a leader in the sale of printed products and office supplies.

Marketing, B2B
SEO promotion
Client site
SEO promotion of polygraphy - photo №1

Client's goal:

This client was previously used to promote printing services. At the start of the second stage of promotion, it had TOP positions for targeted queries “order business cards”, “business cards Kiev”, “printing”, etc.

The site was well developed, but the business should not have been based on this to stop and it was decided by the management to expand the range to a market place, which will contain a different type of printing services and at the same time sell related products. We were given the task of optimizing new sections, preparing the site structure, terms of reference for texts and correcting possible errors when expanding the site.

The main difficulty was short deadlines and maintaining the results already achieved in printing.

Initial site analysis

We started the analysis with competitors and large sites, comparing the list of start-up products and forming the correct tree. We needed to create a structure that would continue to meet the needs of users over the years, as well as be convenient for subsequent expansions.

In the early stages of work:

  • We got acquainted with the new product base;
  • Audit of competitors and useful elements on the site;
  • Prepared the semantic core according to the new site structure;
  • Scheduled the stage of emergence of new sections on the site.


  • Semantic core (queries) in tracking: 11329 queries
  • High traffic potential: 250+ pages
  • Traffic potential: 939,120 clicks per month (according to Adwords)

Site positions at start:

TOP at the moment startNumber of requests% of requests in the TOP
TOP 16105.38
TOP 3133111.75
TOP 5145012.80
TOP 10201417.78
TOP 30299126.40
TOP 100372632.89
Not in TOP100760367.11
  • (The table shows the position of the site in the TOP100 of the Google search engine results. Positions are taken through a specialized service based on the semantic core in the promotion, for example, TOP1 indicates that the site at the start had 610 out of 11329 key queries on the first positions).

We saw the full potential of the site, which can be obtained with enhanced SEO promotion. Considering the large size of the promoted marketplace, we, together with the client, have identified priority pages that have demand and the potential to receive users from the Google search engine.

Building a growth strategy

We built the promotion strategy based on the gradual expansion of the product line and the proven dynamics tested on a large number of projects, an individual plan for website promotion was worked out.

Stages of promotion work:

  • Creating a separate promotion environment for printing and goods, so as not to disrupt the business;
  • Improving crawling and page indexing;
  • Correction of site errors based on search engine recommendations;
  • Writing and placing targeted content on new pages;
  • Manual development of metadata and titles of each page;
  • Formation of useful blocks that increase the quality score of the site;
  • Fixing technical problems with site filtering and directories;
  • Improving the speed of work;
  • Improving the mobile version of the site;
  • Increase the number of pages with potential for traffic in the search engine;
  • Extension filtering site;
  • Get rid of regional sites, there were more than 7 sites on subdomains (merged into one);
  • Enhanced regional coverage on the current site.

Problems and solutions

At the stage of work, we encountered a number of problems that required additional solutions.

Constant turnover of goods and assortment. Due to the formation of a large number of new sections, the dynamics of the appearance and disappearance of goods was visible. It was decided to put the labels “out of stock” so that at the time of the formation of the sections there would be no significant fluctuations in the number of goods.

Extension of the product group. The new product categories were an advantage, but also a challenge. catalogs immediately got with a large product base without optimization, photos, texts. In fact, a large number of new unoptimized pages got to the search engine. We solved the issue by generating data and debugging template photos for different types of goods.

SEO promotion results

The marketplace of the Wolf printing house, including the owner himself, over the years of working with us made sure as an SEO promotion. We managed not only to complete the main tasks, focus on the business model and constant expansion, but also show full navigation on how to work with the site for SEO. The coherence of work and coordination of all departments made it possible to do what others could not and to overtake all competitors. Most of the pages have grown to TOP1-3, while providing a greater flow of customers to the site compared to previous seasons.

  • Semantic core (queries) in tracking: 11329 queries
  • High traffic potential: 250+ pages
  • Traffic potential: 939120 clicks per month (according to Adwords)

Overall rank growth:

Currently TOPNumber of requests (was)% of requests in the TOP (before)Number of requests (before)% of requests in the TOP (before)
TOP 16105.38 213018.80
TOP 3133111.75278524.58
TOP 5145012.80380333.57
TOP 10201417.78442639.07
TOP 30299126.40641256.60
TOP 100372632.89970785.68
Not in TOP100 760367.11162214.32

Change positions by key queries:

Search QueryFrequencyStart PositionNow Position
Large format printing Kiev880>1001
note paper140>1003
T-shirt print1600>1004
anti-stress toys1300>1004
carbon paper480>1005
flipchart paper210>1007
ring binder170>1008
  • Frequency - the number of searches per month
  • Position at the start - during the initial analysis of positions
  • Position now - after our work

Details by positions:

Growth of requests not only in 2019, and with the preservation and improvement of many positions in subsequent years, due to the formation of the correct understanding of the search engine, the result on clicks has grown even more over the past years. Of course, we are not saying that such categories as sugar, coffee, mice and keyboards have grown, they are less thematic. But despite the large number of strong updates in the search engine algorithm, we are proud of the result.

Site visits comparison:

Google analytics clicks213202476039829

Clicks for 2019Google analytics:

Service prices

SEO package "RETAIL"
(for online stores/catalogs)
600 $ / month
(for online stores/catalogs)
800 $ / month
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