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What gives the unique content of the site?

Among those who understand at least a little about SEO, the term "unique content" is very popular. This is not surprising, because having them on your site really gives you a lot of advantages. Before we look at what makes unique content, let's understand what Google means by uniqueness.


Google Unique Content and Mission

The first step to understanding questions about what makes for unique content on a site is knowing Google's mission.

The content of your site plays an important role in determining search engine rankings, so basically, Google's main goal is to provide users with the best search results.

There is one more thing to keep in mind though. Google is a company that operates like any other, so the end result for it is to make money.

How does Google make money?

Of course, there are all kinds of paid advertising and services like AdWords and AdSense, but most of their profit comes from giving you the best search results every day.

Where is the profit here ?

If Google can answer your every question, it automatically becomes the most popular search engine in the world, and this leads to more and more people using its services.

The more people use Google, the more information they can read about our preferences. They can sell the resulting information to advertisers who want to target the best possible audience.

Back to the topic...

If you want to rank high on Google, you simply have to provide users with unique and valuable content that should offer your audience something that is not available in other blogs, articles or sites.

What is unique content?

What is unique content?

Now that we know that unique content on a site is highly desirable for search engines (including Google), let's define what unique content is.

Unique content is content that is original in the first place and nowhere else does not duplicate

Such a term simply had to appear. Otherwise, all sites will unopposed use content already created by someone else, instead of creating their own. Copying would take place on a massive scale.

Of course, copyright and intellectual property issues still play a role here, but they are already being decided on ethical and legal basis. We are only touching on SEO and the topic of the mechanism that distinguishes (or at least should distinguish) whether a given text was created and is present only on one site or is duplicated by someone somewhere.

We can briefly mention the opposite of unique content, or so-called duplicate content. This phenomenon occurs when the content is heavily copied from somewhere else and the search engine notices this.

Most often this applies to online stores that receive product descriptions in a 1:1 format, for example, from manufacturers' websites or catalogs. Then the store owner thinks that the issue is resolved - "the description is the description, why should I get hung up on it".

Well, no.

For your own sake (or rather, for the sake of your business), it is worth spending some time or resources ( in the case of using the services of a copywriter) to create unique content that really gives a lot of advantages.

What makes a unique web -content?

1. SEO Profit

In short: Google likes content to be unique and doesn't like it when it is duplicated in the same form on different sites.

This makes sense because in order to provide users search results are of the best quality, information cannot circulate identically over the network.

There is always the opportunity to describe the problem to others words and look at it from different angles. Therefore, uniqueness is rewarded.

If you have the necessary knowledge for your industry and free time, try creating content on one's own.You will benefit from our previous texts on this topic:

  • How to create SEO friendly content yourself?
  • How do I create content for a website?
  • How do I update my website content to improve SEO?

Otherwise, as I said, hiring a copywriter to create as much text as you need is a good option.

Just don't forget to bet on someone who has been verified and approved by previous clients.

2. Position of an expert in the field

Unique content provides more than purely SEO aspects.

The recognition that can be enjoyed in the industry is also important.

Those who (for example, in company blogs) create wide and informative content win in the eyes of their audience.

Users willingly return to such sites and recommend them to their friends, who, after all, may become your customers in the future.

3. A great opportunity to share content on the Internet

Continuing the thought with which I concluded the previous paragraph, it is worth expanding the topic of content sharing in The Internet.

Facebook is based on the community, or rather its activity. This applies not only to uploading photos and some of your thoughts to the board, but also sharing with other users, for example, links to various sites.

If your content is useful (comprehensively describes the given topic), then such text is much more likely to "scatter" among various Facebook groups and message boards of individual users.

Share buttons, which, after all, have been on many sites for several years, also serve this purpose.

4. Alternative to paid advertising

Paid advertising (in CPC billing model where we have pay per click) is good before just at the start of a business when you want to get valuable traffic quickly.Later on, its role is usually reduced.

The situation is different with positioning, which at first has almost no effect, but the longer it lasts (and is done effectively), the stronger the snowball effect can become.

Although usually comes down to acquiring valuable links from other sites, the role of unique content should not be overlooked.

To considered interesting for Google algorithms, it should have as much of this content as possible. The more relevant words ("scattered" between different pages, blog posts, etc.) included in a given domain, the better.

Remember that if your company blog contains useful content, there is a chance that other bloggers (or any other sites) will spontaneously link to your site. This supports the link building process that is, after all, necessary in an SEO context. ? - summary

Is it worth it to stand out with unique texts on your own site?

Yes, of course!

This provides a number of advantages. The most important of these relate to SEO aspects, but they also strengthen the creator's position in the respective industry.

These are the benefits , which should never be underestimated.

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