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YourWater water brand website

In preparation for the project, we developed a website concept, the purpose of which was to encourage users to interact with the brand and the website, make it interesting and useful, and emphasize the social responsibility of the brand. What happened - read below, in the description of the case :)

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The task of the client

Our client is the largest water producer in the Republic of Belarus. The company planned to launch a new brand of water aimed at an audience under 35. Having considered several contractors, in the end the choice fell on our company, since we managed to make the best offer in terms of the ratio of creativity, quality and price.


We have developed three scenarios for user interaction with the website.

  1. The first scenario is when scrolling down the site. We decided that a standard one-screen landing page would be enough to present the product in all its glory, plus we have hidden surprises for users :)
  2. The second scenario is the opportunity to find out your individual water balance by answering a few simple questions about lifestyle. The result can be shared on social networks, which is a good PR move.
  3. The third scenario is collecting user votes in support of environmental initiatives - fighting plastic and low-quality tap water.
Website development for a brand of water - photo №2

Features of the development of a water brand website

The entire site is written entirely in JS framework - Vue.js.

This decision was made immediately, based on the features of the project and the intended design. We immediately realized that the site would have a lot of animations and non-standard page structure.

We coped with the task and developed a truly interactive and stunning site for the new brand in terms of animation.

There is a tremendous amount of team work behind every small element. "Portal" "in the catalog, counting statistics of those who voted for environmental initiatives, the formula for calculating the water balance in the body based on the answers, the ability to download and send a label with the design of bottles, gif-animation, js-animation, css-animation - for each stage of work we treated it as meticulously as possible and, in the end, from a development point of view, the site is excellent. Below we will tell you what happened at the design stage :)

Website development for a brand of water - photo №3 Website development for a brand of water - photo №4
YourWater water brand website - photo №5

Website design for YourWater brand of water

When we started designing a website for a water brand in October 2019, we already knew: 2020 will be the year of cyberpunk, artificial intelligence and technological design. Even before the release of the new Galaxy, we chose the style of gray convex geometric shapes, objects and buttons for interaction.

Through the futuristic, gray and cool design, we tried to convey the technology and digitalization of the modern world on the one hand, and emphasize the naturalness and the naturalness of the water that makes up everything around us, which feeds us and the whole world with energy.

Combining these two diametrically opposed images in one - we were able to convey the idea - we are the cause of everything that happens and will happen, we - one drop, but all together - we are a whole neural network that makes up a whole ocean of emotions, thoughts, actions and their consequences. All that we call life.

YourWater water brand website - photo №6

Color palette and typography

YourWater water brand website - photo №7

Results of the project on developing a website for a bottled water brand

As a result, we have produced a wonderful website, with its own unique style, idea and meanings, revealed through text, interactive elements and web scenarios - brand website. We consider this to be one of the best works in terms of online presentation of the product, its packaging and the formation of a message for the audience.

Service prices

the cost
WOW landing page
from $ 1200
WOW business card site
from $ 2500
Landing page design
from $ 295
Site design
from $ 350
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