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How do you present your company's services on your website? - 6 tips

In this text, we suggest how to present your company's services on your site so that visitors take advantage of your offer, and not that of a competitor.


Directly on the main page, on a special subpage, by creating a separate tab for each service - there are many options.

The most important thing is that people who are potential customers of your company quickly and easily find out what services you provide. It is also important to create some kind of decision factor that will make the visitor pick up the phone or write a letter.

The question is how to do it? What form of presentation of your company's services on the site will be the best? Below you will find six tips that I hope will help you find the most accurate answer to these questions.

What should I pay attention to when presenting company services on the website?

1. Talking about yourself is not always a bad thing

In many of our texts, we emphasize that when searching for something on the Internet, we are interested in achieving the current goal.

If I'm looking for running shoes, I'm not interested in which countries a particular manufacturer operates in or what logo it has. My goal is to provide myself with durable shoes that will serve me for as long as possible.

In the same way, if I want to rent a car from a car rental company at a certain time, I will not pay attention to the fact that the company has been operating for several decades and that the business is passed from father to son.

The fact is that many companies rely on meaningless information. Yes, these are some tidbits of information, but they do not have any impact on the final decision to use this or that service.

However, a distinction should be made between empty boasting (or cluttering offer pages with irrelevant information) and company characteristics that may contribute to a decision to choose a company.

In other words, you should brag and talk about yourself.

Mentioning the relevant companies with which you worked in a particular industry, highlighting certain unique characteristics, indicating skills backed up by specific (and, above all, verifiable) numbers - this is exactly the kind of information that belongs to the “self-telling” genre. However, what sets them apart is that they are based on facts and some real values ​​that may be extremely important to your target audience.

2. Reliability is fundamental to the presentation of your services

Continuing the theme started in the previous section, it is worth emphasizing that the company's services on the site must be presented reliably.

In fact, your entire website should look authentic. This is how it should be:

  • clearly display your contact details
  • contain information about the company (legal address, VAT ID, REGON, etc.)
  • show customer reviews
  • contain clear and understandable vocabulary
  • have SSL- certificate
  • have a design that matches the times

There are many factors involved in creating a sense of trust.It's just a matter of ensuring that visitors don't think your company is a hodgepodge or outdated business that hasn't grown in years.

In addition, your site should contain some elements that will convince users to contact you and not someone else.

3. Use language suitable for potential customers

The company's services on the site must be described in the right way.

Relevant - what is appropriate?

Well, I'm sure there are some special terms used in your industry. Moreover, your company probably has its own phrases created as a result of some situation known only to you.

This is absolutely normal.

However, what's the point of displaying them on the site? The key is that the entire narrative of the website (not just the service-related elements) should be chosen in a way that does not confuse visitors.

When they enter the site, they should immediately understand what exactly it is about. Specialized phrases are best reserved for other occasions; the language of the business card (which the website certainly is) should match the type of users you care about.

4. Try to create and present case studies

Some time ago, Bartlomey Kiljan published a text on the so-called case studies on our blog.

Case studies, as they are also called, present a specific (real-life) problem along with the route of steps used to solve it.

Interestingly, not everyone perceives case studies as something positive. We are familiar with situations where business owners did not even want to hear about their creation, arguing something like this: "I will not share my valuable knowledge with anyone else."

In my opinion, this is an irrational approach, as it completely misses the point.

The case study should show this to everyone:

  • the problem arose in a specific industry (which probably could occur in many others)
  • you were approached by your company to look into this issue
  • you took some steps to get rid of the problem

You decide how much to describe this or that case in detail. No one tells you to share with the world valuable knowledge or patterns of work developed over the years.

Finding the sweet spot in accepting the level of detail of the description will allow you to simultaneously present yourself as an expert who knows how to deal with a real problem and not give away this most valuable information.

Overall, don't be afraid of case studies. If they are created with a head, then they are a very strong trump card in the context of a potential client making a decision about choosing a particular company.

5. Show real value

And again it is worth referring to the thought started in the previous paragraph.

Well, the company's services on the site are well supported by something tangible, existing. The case studies mentioned earlier are a great example of this specificity, but it doesn't stop there.

Whoever is considering choosing a service provider takes into account the benefits that he can get by working with a particular company. Therefore, the only thing that matters is the facts - not water, but pure calculation.

Therefore, when presenting your proposal, you must point out the values ​​that distinguish you from others. Something that will tip the balance of power in your favor.

To do this, I refer you to our post about the unique selling proposition. In this text, Bartlemy Kiljan explains in detail how to identify this unique value, as well as how to effectively present it to potential clients.

6. Provide multiple forms of contact with you

Everyone is different.

There are people who, after reading on your website what company services you offer, will want to personally visit you at the office of your company. They prefer to just talk to the person face to face.

Others prefer to use the phone, as this method provides almost instant contact and a certain "connection" with the interlocutor.

This does not apply to email, but it is also widely used because a message sent digitally is not lost, while in a telephone or personal conversation, some details may be lost after a while.

I want to say that each of us is guided by our individual motives when choosing how to contact each other. Depriving prospects of any of these "golden threes" (face-to-face, phone, email) will result in many people simply giving up on your business at this stage.

What are the main principles dictating the presentation of the company's services on the website?

I would note in particular the unique value and factual basis.

The first of these qualities provides some element of difference from others. What makes your company unique in some way.

The second, on the other hand, convinces potential customers that you have real experience in solving their problems. In this case, they can trust you much more, they have a kind of "primer" for your decision.

Of course, the rest of the tips mentioned in the text, I also recommend you take into account when you think about how to present your company's services on your website.

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