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Ways to Get Online Feedback - 5 Effective Tips

I think a lot of the Internet can be reduced to opinions. They are in some way an indicator of trust in a brand or product, because there is no physical contact with the client - everything is virtual.


Moreover, whether we like it or not, we trust them and consider them to be true. They reinforce in us the feeling that we are making the right choice of company or buying the right thing. Therefore, for companies with online operations or online stores, they are very important.

By the way, look at the first best service that came to my mind - Allegro. For as long as I can remember, this is where sellers have collected points / reviews / "positive" so that a potential buyer can be sure that he is making the right choice. This continues to this day, where vendors have, for example, various badges such as "Super Seller" etc.

In addition, reviews are the basis of activity on the Internet. So learn about easy ways to get reviews online.

Why is it important to collect feedback?

Before I talk about how to do this, it's worth thinking about why you really should take the time to collect reviews. There are several valuable benefits to this, check it out:

  • You show that you care about the views of the people you provide services to or sell products to.
  • Psychologically, you are not afraid of the opinions of others, because if you can be judged, then you are playing with open cards. You are not trying to hide anything, because
  • you understand that if you degrade the quality of your services/products, this may affect the reviews.
  • You gain additional knowledge about the services you offer. Reviews are collected in order to get to know your customers better. Look at them, find out their
  • needs, what they like/dislike and what comments they have. All of this information can give you a better idea of ​​your own business and
  • allow you to check if what you have done so far is heading in the right direction or if you need to make any adjustments.

Ways to Get Online Feedback - 5 Simple Tips

1. Create Short Polls in Third Party Wizards

Reviews are more than just rating a brand and a product. They also represent a broader view of the services provided. It is worth using them to find out about the quality of the services offered.

The first step is to first of all create a survey to collect data. There are a number of online tools on the Internet through which we can collect information. Google has also created its own product in which you can create all sorts of opinions with the help of a wizard.

After you make it, all you have to do is send it to your existing customers with a request to fill it out.

At this stage, it is also worth asking customers to share their opinion with you. Unfortunately, few people have the desire or even the time to do such things. Even if it takes a while, you may find yourself ignoring this type of request. Accept it and try to convince them that it is worth sharing this opinion.Remember also that:

You need to create really short multi-field surveys that ask questions about the most important aspects of your business.
Avoid fields where you need to write something. I think it's pessimistic to assume from the outset that no one has the guts to write different reasons, pluses or minuses in each area. It is better to click on something, i.e. a list of options and an estimate is better than creating content that is too broad.
Make it clear that this is important to you and that you are collecting feedback to provide better services in the future.
Write how long it will take to fill out the questionnaire. Chances are good that if you write something like "this will only take 3 minutes", the recipients will be more willing to complete the task.

2. Automation in the online store after purchasing the product

The online store is a very important place when it comes to reviews. In-store product reviews can be one way to increase sales. Therefore, do not underestimate them. Their collection can be automated, for example, asking users to add product reviews after purchase.

Just send them an email, for example, some time after the purchase, so that they have the opportunity to test the product. Remember the tips from the previous paragraph - they can be successfully applied here as well.

You can also find stores that give points in exchange for adding a product review/review, which can then be converted into various benefits, such as discounts, free shipping or discount codes. This certainly increases the likelihood that people will share your opinion.

3. Embedded reviews on the site

Embedded reviews on the page is another way to collect reviews. It's such a non-intrusive element because it doesn't require any action from you - like asking for an opinion via email. Here the user voluntarily gives feedback.

This solution is very popular in the e-commerce industry, but you can also add such a section on the company's website to collect data.

Yes, it looks more like someone annoyed or upset will leave a review, as most people will simply stop using the service and leave the question unspoken - without leaving a review. However, at this stage it is always worth listening to the “injured party” and coldly explaining the situation. Of course, most issues can be resolved amicably.

4 External Opinion Services

There are still ways to get online reviews through external services that specialize in this. These can be services such as Opineo, Trusted Shops or Trusted Opinions Ceneo. They base their activities primarily on the fact that they are established brands and also have a certain reputation.

This can have a psychological impact on the user and is just great social proof.

5 Google reviews

This item can be summed up in a sense, but the ways to get online reviews through Google are so important that it is worth highlighting it separately.

Having a business card in Google Moja Firma should be a priority, especially for companies operating in the local market. With such a business card, their profile can get brand new visitors and therefore customers.

Reviews are an essential part of this process as they can be seen even if you type the company name online. Thus, almost from the very beginning of the search for your brand, the user can see positive reviews. This, of course, adds optimism regarding future cooperation.

In addition, collecting reviews on a Google business card can lead to a higher position in the cards for this company, so we can only win. In addition, users are now more willing to share such reviews using the new user rating system (achievements, Local Guides, etc.). You should not even ask too much about opinions, because if it is important for a client to receive this or that praise, he himself will give such an opinion.

What are the ways to get feedback online?

As you can see, the discussed methods are simple, even trivial. In fact, you can start practicing them immediately after reading the article.

The main thing is to collect opinions and, above all, draw conclusions from them. Especially those that do not have the highest possible rating - they will give you valuable clues about whether everything that you offer so far is moving in the right direction.

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