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Car leasing website optimization

SEO promotion of car leasing website Bestleasing

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SEO case for car leasing Bestleasing

They work, and we do! Others say that they can, but we were able to make the site a leader in the niche and overtake the whales of the car leasing market.

Bestleasing (VAB)
SEO promotion
SEO for car leasing company Bestleasing - photo №1

The main goals of optimization:

After optimizing one of the small resources, the client entrusted us with a project with great potential and the ability to show all the possibilities of SEO promotion. Before us, 4 companies worked as a project and everyone just talked, but there was no result at all, but as we know, the demand for automotive topics in Ukraine is constantly growing. Taking into account our relationship on a small project, the customer entrusted us to fully carry out this project, technical revision, preparation of recommendations for content and optimization revisions of all pages of the site. It was important to make a result in a year for SEO payback and a constant flow of applications.

Initial site analysis

Initial site analysis showed many usability problems, technical problems in the form of duplicate content, pages, lack of content and metadata, problems with internal navigation and optimization of the mobile version. The standard set that we see after the work of others. For 2019-2020, the number of visits per month is 600 people and this is taking into account the old brand VAB leasing, in fact, loyal customers and audience return.

During the first coordination, we identified:

  • a portrait of a potential user
  • expansion of landing pages and business
  • stages of work and budgets
  • initial indicators were fixed
  • set a KPI by which we will measure the result and control points

Initial indicators:

  • Semantic core (queries) Tracking: 1661 requests
  • High traffic potential: 125 pages
  • Traffic potential: 53601 clicks per month (based on Adwords)

Site positions at the start:

TOP at the time of start Number of requests % of requests to TOP
TOP 1 1 0.06
TOP 3 45 2.71
TOP 5 108 6.50
TOP 10 230 13.85
TOP 30 465 28,00
TOP 100 622 37.45
Not in TOP100 1039 62.55
  • (The table shows the site's position in the TOP100 of the Google search engine. Positions were taken through a specialized service based on the semantic core in promotion, for example TOP1 indicates that the site at the start had 1 out of 1661 key queries on the first position).

The potential of the main traffic is small, but given the specifics of the search from potential customers, later they made several cardinal decisions that affected the reach.

Building a growth strategy

Having analyzed the current results and the collected semantic core, we realized that we need to move in several directions at once. The planning of the work proceeded from the coverage of user requests by basic requests, by regional, by car brands and models. With the proper expansion of the structure, we were able to cover all possible user requests and show the search engine leadership in the niche. This made it possible to bring the target audience, often even the most interested in signing an agreement here and now. The long-term strategy promised a gradual increase in the quality of the resource with an increase in the coverage of key user queries and services provided.

Stages of promotion work:

  • Generation of useful content;
  • Distribution of key queries across the site to increase domain indicators;
  • Continuous expansion of the structure of car leasing and related areas;
  • Improvement of page crawling and indexing rates;
  • Continuous analysis of speed and convenience for mobile devices;
  • Development of additional pages of regions and car models;
  • Coverage of low-frequency queries;
  • Formation of useful blocks (Frequently asked questions, internal navigation);
  • Redesign of the site usability and simplification of application forms;
  • Analysis of user behavior on pages.

SEO results

Now we want to show the results that we have achieved, but this is not the ending. We can do more, the client constantly signs new partnership agreements, which makes it possible to further expand by car brands, increase the volume of destinations, not only by cars, but also by other transport, reaching the results to TOP1. During the optimization of the site, the results are visible on priority pages for business, the number of users has increased 15 times per year. Now, in addition to expanding the structure, work has begun on the formation of useful content for the blog and coverage of information requests of users.

  • Semantic core (requests) in tracking: 1661 requests
  • High traffic potential: 125 pages
  • Traffic potential: 53601 clicks per month (according to Adwords)

Overall position growth :

TOP at the moment Number of requests (was) % of requests in the TOP (was) Number of requests (was) % of requests in the TOP (was)
TOP 1 1 0.06 572 34.44
TOP 3 45 2.71 1197 72.07
TOP 5 108 6 , 50 1338 80.55
TOP 10 230 13.85 1408 84.77
TOP 30 465 28.00 1470 88.50
TOP 100 622 37.45 1621 97.59
Not in TOP100 1039 62.55 40 2.41

Changing positions for key queries:

Search query Position at start Position now Frequency
Auto in leasing Lviv > 100 1 140
buy used cars on lease 37 1 480
car lease 20 2 2400
buy a car on lease 27 2 390
car lease kiev > 100 2 590
lease a car 49 2 320
car leasing > 100 3 390
car leasing odessa > 100 4 210
buy a used car after lysine ha > 100 4 110
  • Frequency - the number of searches per month
  • Position at the start - during the initial analysis of positions
  • Position now - after our work
  • High-frequency queries for this niche are shown, medium- and low-frequency queries of these directions have higher positions.

Site visits April:

Metric 09/2020 11/2021
Google analytics clicks 905 8244
Google search console clicks 1117 10350
Google search console impressions 39754 529886

Comparison of main clicks for the month 2020 and 2021.

Service prices

SEO-promotion, "RETAIL" package
(for stores /catalogs)
695 $ / month
SEO-promotion, package "RETAIL PLUS"
(for stores /catalogs)
895 $ / month
SEO-promotion, package "OPTIMAL"
(for b2b sites)
595 $ / month
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