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order online flower shop

Why is it worth ordering a website for flower delivery from us

To create a website of flowers, it is not enough just to develop a stylish design with interactive elements. High-quality development of a web service requires an understanding of the leading trends in the market, the competitive position of the business and the values ​​of the target audience.

Development of a turnkey online flower shop in our agency is a complex solution to your business problems. We do not just create an IT product, we build a strategy for its promotion in search engines. In accordance with this, we write optimized selling content, due to which, in a relatively short time, your service reaches the top of the search results for key queries. We present unique design solutions that will favorably distinguish you from competitors and are ergonomic for potential customers. To order the creation of an online flower shop and find out the cost of its development, fill out the brief on our website and we will contact you to discuss the project.

Leave your details and our operators will call you back to calculate the cost and agree on a discount especially for you
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Development of an online flower shop

Creating a website for a flower shop is not only about creating a business card for your online business, but mainly investing in promoting it. The purpose of a commerce website is not just to sell a product or service, but also to help build a strategy for how to do it better. Therefore, website development is the creation of a marketing tool for interacting with the target audience.

Clients tend to trust more whoever approaches them with a personalized approach. From a functional point of view, this is the placement of all offered flowers and bouquets in one place; specifying the addresses of physical stores and their opening hours; terms of payment and delivery. You can also connect interactive functions that allow the client to collect the bouquet according to personal preference. CRM integration will help you automate the delivery of relevant offers to your customers on special dates. This will allow you to maintain contact with target customers, increasing their loyalty. Even a simple registration form when creating a personal account on the site will give you more information and help you get to know your audience better. And marketing of related products will help not only sell more, but also when analyzing top sales, you will be able to better form your offers in the future, which will encourage the buyer to take the targeted action.


Developed by DIGIANTS over the past two years.


We do not break prices, but work with a fixed profit, which allows us to save up to 30% for our clients :)

Our advantages
Quality assurance
Great service
Creative team

To create an online flower shop: what are the advantages?

  • Wide audience coverage

Competent creation of a flower website involves the development of an adaptive version that will be displayed in high quality mobile devices with different screen resolutions. This will attract additional traffic. Integration with social networks serves as an auxiliary channel of communication with customers.

  • Wide opportunities for promotion

An online store is a multi-page service with a lot of content. This is all that search engines are especially fond of. Therefore, with a competent marketing strategy, the online promotion of such a resource will give results in the first six months after the launch of the project.

  • Automated information exchange

Creating a website for flowers means setting up two-way communication with the buyer: he receives maximum information about your offers, terms of payment and delivery, you - information about his behavior on the site, order status, etc. Thus, both parties receive the information they need in a convenient way and without significant investment of time.

Work process
First contact

You can call us, write on Facebook, send a message to the mail, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp

First contact

You can call us, write on Facebook, send a message to the mail, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp

First contact

You can call us, write on Facebook, send a message to the mail, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp

First contact

You can call us, write on Facebook, send a message to the mail, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp

First contact

You can call us, write on Facebook, send a message to the mail, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp

First contact

You can call us, write on Facebook, send a message to the mail, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp

Creation of an online flower shop - prices

Fill out the brief and we will find a solution to your problem

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By the way, here are a couple of examples when the "creation of an online flower shop" service was ordered from us. Do you want to see how we did it?
We are sure you will like our case on the topic "creation of an online flower shop" and you will want to too :)

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As an independent company, we started our activities in 2016. During this time, we managed to go from a startup to a well-coordinated team with branches and representatives in 5 countries of the world.

Consulting on the service Creation of an online flower shop

Our experts can help you choose a service, define all aspects of your new site, just call +38 (044) 299 27 66 , or write to chat, email [email protected]

Why is the development of an individual website expensive?

An individually designed website will be able to optimize all the client's business processes and make website editing very simple and straightforward. Individual development of Creation of an online flower shop may include:
- Full study of UX /UI with full immersion in the client's sphere and study of references and successful competitors.
- Writing a technical task for the script of the site, adjusting the application to the technology in two clicks, integration with marketing tools
- Creation of an admin panel convenient for the client, in the language he needs and with the ability to edit 95% of the site
- Selection of hosting and linking it to a domain name.
- Basic SEO or complete SEO for a site and placing it in search engines such as (Google /Bing /Yahoo /Yandex, etc.)

What are the advantages of our company?

In our work, we always focus on the result, terms and an adequate price. We have extensive experience working with Ukrainian and foreign companies in more detail on About the Company , as well as Portfolio of our work. The main goal of our company is the fulfillment of the assigned tasks, which we clearly prescribe before starting work. We coordinate every action with the client and clarify complex tasks in order to get a 100% result.

Creation of an online flower shop and additional services?

Basic information on the Creation of an online flower shop service. You can read on the page as well as additional services SEO promotion in search engines.

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