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Order a website for the media

Why is it worth ordering an information site from us

In order to make a high-quality information site, it is not enough to understand the technical side of the issue - it is also important to understand how online media and public opinion work. Therefore, the creation of a news site involves the development of a multifunctional resource. How much does a news site cost? The cost of creating a news site depends on the tasks that it must perform and the complexity of the project development. If you are interested in the development of a small information service and you need to create a news blog that you can independently update and maintain, you can order the creation of a news site WordPress or any other CMS. Our experts will select the best option for you based on your request.

We provide the creation of a turnkey news site and build a strategy for its further promotion and technical support. We plan an information project, analyze the target audience, develop a unique adaptive design with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, install additional plugins and services, and help with content editing. To order a development and find out the price of a news site, fill out the brief on our website and we will contact you to discuss the project.

Leave your details and we will call you back to discuss pricing and arrange a special discount just for you.
Order a media site

Development of a news site

Creating a media site is the development of a multi-page information service with a complex structure. Today, each publishing house has its own web site in the form of news portals: be it international projects, regional or thematic. The creation of news sites opens up opportunities to attract traffic through live broadcasts, the publication of exclusive photo reports and videos of the latest events. Trustworthy and reputable news projects operate like an online business through the publication of affiliate materials and paid subscriptions. A well-thought-out structure, convenient navigation of the resource and search engine optimization will make the news site a promising advertising platform with traffic of up to 80,000 unique visitors per day.


Developed by DIGIANTS over the past two years.


We do not break prices, but work with a fixed profit, which allows us to save up to 30% for our clients :)

Our advantages
Affordable prices
Guaranteed quality
Creative team

Creation of a news portal solves several tasks:

  • Efficiency of information updating
  • Unlike print and audiovisual media, the development of a news portal allows you to track and publish news in real time ... Thus, you have access to every minute coverage of any recent events and connection with the audience.
  • Cost reduction
  • An obvious advantage and one of the main reasons for making a news site is that you do not need to spend money on printing and consumables. In the long term, the cost of creating a news portal and its maintenance will cost you less than launching an offline project.
  • Wide audience coverage
  • To create a news site means to cover not only the target requests of certain segments of the population, but and a separate region, country or even the world. Within one resource, you can segment the audience and provide access to news by interest. And integration with social networks expands the scope of information dissemination.
  • Public opinion analysis
  • Website development for mass media provides an opportunity to analyze not only the visitor's behavior on the website, but also his opinion regarding the published materials. The reader can easily comment on any topic. And posting polls helps collect audience views directly.
How we work
First contact

Reach out via phone, Facebook, email, Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp to discuss your project

Learning about the project

We collect project details either by
requesting the completion of a brief form
or through direct discussions with our
dedicated manager

Offer preparation

We analyze the market and your business
objectives to prepare tailored proposals
in various versions

Contract and advance payment

Upon agreement of the project scope,
we prepare and send you all the necessary
documents for signing and payment

UI /UX design

We strategize the optimal placement of
elements and create the visual concept,
providing a layout for each website page


Our team designs, animates, integrates
the admin panel and applies additional
optimizations to ensure everything
works fine across all devices

QA (x2)

We review the website twice, thoroughly
testing functionality and addressing
any bugs or flaws before presenting it to you

Adding content

If you prefer not to add content to
the website on yourself, we are always
ready to do it for you.
Available upon prior arrangement.

Project delivery

Your project is done! We hand over
the ready website to you, ensuring
results exceed your expectations

Creation of a news site - prices


Fill out the form and we will find a solution for you.

Find out the development project cost!
Answer a few questions and find out how much it costs to develop your website!
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Our portfolio
See how we deliver results

Check out a couple of projects where we've provided our creation of a news site service. Curious to see how we handled it? We're confident you'll love our work!

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FAQ about our services

Find answers to common questions below or get in touch with us to get a free consultation.

What is the cost of Creation of a news site?

It depends on the project. You can leave a request and we will contact you for more detailed information and calculate the final price for you.

Why choose DIGIANTS for Creation of a news site?

We specialize in creating and promoting websites, online stores, mobile apps, and web applications of any complexity. Our qualified team and expertise in multiple programming languages enable us to deliver projects efficiently and on time, using the languages, platforms, CMS, frameworks, and technologies that meet your needs.

How do I get more details about Creation of a news site?

Our experts will gladly answer your questions and provide more information about the services. Just write a message in the popup chat or send an email at [email protected]

What other services do you offer along with Creation of a news site?

We also offer SEO services to boost your website's online visibility. Check out our page to read more about SEO services.

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